24 Feb | The crisis in Cosatu and its implications on SA trade unionism

Where to next for Cosatu, and what next for union solidarity in South Africa? Join us for a discussion with former General Secretary of Cosatu, Zwelinzima Vavi, Roger Southall, co-editor of Cosatu in Crisis, and Philippe Burger, Head of Department of the Economics at UFS, which promises to provide crucial perspectives on a turning point in the South African labour movement and political landscape.

18 Feb | South Africa and China within the context of FOCAC

The Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) associated with UNISA, in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, has the pleasure of inviting you to a Roundtable on the FOCAC Johannesburg Summit, which took place 4-5 December 2015.

2-3 Feb | National Minimum Wage Symposium

The National Minimum Wage Research Initiative (NMW-RI) based at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg, South Africa wishes to invite you to attend our National Symposium, 2-3 February 2016. The symposium will profile the research of our initiative, as well as draw together important international and local experts.

‘Youthquake’ rocks our political landscape

“There is a major shift underway in South African society. The order put together after apartheid is breaking apart. The aura of liberation is fading and people are increasingly less interested in romanticised recollections of the struggle. The first break came in the informal settlements. After that it was the mines, and this year dissent spread to the universities.”

A time of possibility

“It’s an old truism that the Left focuses on the distribution of wealth and the Right on its production. It is true, as the Right argues, that a singleminded focus on the distribution of wealth will soon lead to a state without the resources to meet basic needs. It’s also true, as the Left argues, that a single-minded focus on the generation of wealth will lead to great inequality and, ultimately, social crisis and instability.”

The United Nations at 70: Towards A Future

The United Nations lies at the centre of the global multilateral system of governance. It is therefore a principal guarantor of the idea of an international system of governance, and the dream of an international system. In 2015, the UN reaches 70 years of existence and this marks a critical point of reflection on the significance of the organization, its key challenges and prospects for its future. Ten years ago, the IGD convened a dialogue on the UN @ 60 that covered a lot of background about the UN. It is now time to reflect further, and build upon these discussions.

2016 Municipal Elections – Does Local Democracy Work?

Democracy Works Foundation is a home-grown African civil society group aiming to counter minimalist assumptions of African democracy, to support and build democratic institutions and leaders, and to help foster democratic cultures in South Africa and across the continent.

COSATU on its deathbed?

City Press – ” A new book argues the labour federation faces a crisis of relevance, strength and survival. Its most fatal wounds, the authors suggest, are self-inflicted …

It is this crisis that an authoritative new book, titled Cosatu in Crisis: The Fragmentation of an African Trade Union Federation, grapples with. Edited by academics Vishwas Satgar and Roger Southall, Cosatu in Crisis consists of essays and papers by 13 authorities in the field of unionism. The topics cover everything from the political rupture in the federation to ideological drift and the socioeconomic challenges facing the unions.”