youthlab bootcamp

24-25 Mar|iCre8 Bootcamp – North West

YouthLab has partnered with Sophiatown Green Incubator and other trainers to create a specific innovation boot camp aimed at encouraging, testing, greening and launching economic innovations for township youth. Ideas can be businesses or social initiatives.

The Green Innovation boot camp will take young people from idea to business model through various processes. The top idea from each province after the boot camp will be given a grant to activate their innovation.

After the boot camp Sophiatown Green Incubator will select 3 ideas per province that they will mentor for 3 months to ensure those ideas also have the best chance for success.

YouthLab iCre8‘s purpose is to:

EDUCATE young innovators by providing personal, leadership and practical skills.
 young innovators during the programme.
CONNECT young innovators with outside resources and talent (entrepreneurs, advisors, investors, and services providers) to help facilitate their individual projects.
FUND venture development by providing internal funding and facilitating external funding with other institutions.
INCUBATE startup ideas by providing suitable space and opportunities to exceptional ideas.