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International Women’s Day 2017: The value of care work

The International Women’s Day is celebrated annually on, March 8.  It is an annual celebration of women’s social, cultural, political and economic achievements.

 This year the FES highlights the issue of care work.

 While care work is a fundamental element upon which our societies are built and function, its value remains economically and socially unrecognized. Moreover, the unequal distribution of care work significantly contributes to the socio-economic disadvantage of women worldwide.

 FES, with the insight of its international operations, aims to establish a new perspective on care work. The aim is to raise awareness of the undervaluation of care work and the consequences for women worldwide.

FES International:

Mozambique: Beyond Cash Transfers

The dilemma of paid domestic care and the burden of unpaid care in general affect many women in Mozambique, especially women from the working class. Are there any alternative solutions for Social Protection and Social Services?

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Bangladesh: Interview with Shirin Akhter

The majority of Bangladesh’s women are still bearing the double burden of paid work and unpaid care work. In partnership with FES Bangladesh Shirin Akhter, a Member of the Bangladesh Parliament, formed a platform that brings together various actors from the women’s rights movement. Together they are working towards gender equality and social justice.

India: Women’s Rights – Forgotten in a Booming Economy

Structural problems and unfair practices still keep many women in India in a weak position. Especially those who migrated from other countries are facing big challenges. Dr. Pravin Sinha from FES India explains how skilled women have