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Curtailing Capital Flight from Africa

Each year Africa loses more money than it receives through official development aid. A great deal of the money ends up in the rich North, through dark channels. As a result, the poorest continent of the world is ironically the net creditor of the world. Professor Léonce Ndikumana, one of the leading experts on the issue of capital flight and development, examines the mechanisms through which African money is leaving the country and outlines strategies to address the problem- both in the Northern and the Southern hemisphere.

IPG| International Politik und Gesellschaft

pg-journal sees itself as a committed debate platform for questions of international and European policy. We want to not only describe, but also give impulses through critical interpretations and evaluations. The thematic range covers foreign, security, and development policy issues as well as challenges of European integration and global environmental issues.

The Marikana Commission: Unearthing the truth, or burying it?

Mining and mineral beneficiation are held up as the path to economic development for South Africa. Yet these processes are often brutally disruptive for environments and communities. This semester the Society, Work and Development Institute (SWOP) is exploring some of their devastating consequences for workers, communities and the nature that we all depend on for life itself.