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23 Mar|Dialogue on Major South African Foreign Policy Trends and Issues of 2017

The international environment in 2017 is likely to continue to be characterised by change and uncertainty, as evidenced by contemporary political and economic events. These will undoubtedly impact South Africa’s foreign policy.

Occasional Paper | Caught between Afro-Southern Solidarism and Liberal Cosmopolitan values: Four Turning points in South Africa’s Human Rights Foreign Policy

South Africa’s foreign policy is entrapped: it is trapped between Afro-Southern (or Africa-South-South) solidarism, on the one hand, and lofty liberal cosmopolitan values, including human rights, on the other. There had long been a tension between the professed values of South Africa’s foreign policy and its interests, a tension that the post-settlement governments had battled to square.Twenty-two years into the post-settlement period, South Africa learnt that good intentions, proclamations and edicts were not good enough in the hurly-burly of world affairs.

Movie: Migration and Development – Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung

International experts shed light on the migration-development nexus, for example with regard to migration flows in and from the Middle East and South Africa. They highlight the diversity of reasons for people to leave their homes as well as their courage to do so, and point to political shortcomings and perspectives.

Made in SA

Made in SA is SABC3’s brand new teen reality series that introduces, profiles and follows hip and happening young people on their journey to fulfilling their dream careers. In a mentorship programme they are faced with some tough challenges that they need to complete in order to achieve their career goals.

Zambia honours 52 years of autonomy

This visit is part of the Southern African Regional Youth Forum hosted by the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. This German foundation has always found itself on the right side of history supporting the great causes for national liberation but more importantly remaining connected long after in the consolidation of that democracy. Zambia and FES are therefore happy fellow travelers in the expedition of supporting the democratic project on the continent.

28 June | How does socioeconomic transformation impact service delivery at the municipal level?

South Africa remains one of the most unequal societies in the world. Social cohesion and economic growth are key drivers for job creation, attracting investment and creating economic opportunities to help accelerate service delivery. The looming threat of junk status and political infighting ahead of the elections coupled with regular service delivery protests across the country has raised the stakes for local government to deliver on basic services.

How are political parties addressing socio-economic issues at a municipal level? How well or badly are local municipalities doing in addressing some of these challenges and what changes can we look forward to.

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF), in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Africa, invites you to it’s second Political Café. Join Nompumelelo Runji (independent analyst and author) in conversation with Shaka Sisulu (independent socio-political commentator), Marina Mayer (Economist and lecturer at Wits Business School) and Stewart Wilson (Director of SERI).

8 June | South Africa – Zimbabwe relations in the context of China

This topic is borne out of, and seeks to be a continuation of the discussion generated in the Southern African Liaison Office (SALO) successful 2015 workshop on SA-Zimbabwe relations, in partnership with the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

China was mentioned by panelists and participants alike several times, in the context of analysing SA-Zimbabwe relations. It is clear that one cannot gain a comprehensive analysis of these regional relations, without including an analysis of both Zimbabwe’s, and South Africa’s, strong bilateral relationships with China, including the three-way dynamics and the regional and international dimensions.

1 Jun | The 2016 Municipal Elections: What can we expect from SA’s youth?

Democracy Works Foundation (DWF), in partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Africa, invites you to it’s first Political Café.

South Africa holds its fifth municipal elections in August 2016 during a period of increased political volatility in our young nation. We discuss the power and impact that youth have in the upcoming municipal elections. How will eligible youth voters participate in the electoral process – what issues are they concerned about? And how are political parties responding and what do they have to offer the youth? Join Nompumelelo Runji of the Sowetan in conversation with Thamsanqa Masingi (Enke – Make your Mark), Pearl Pillay (YouthLab), and Khaya Dlanga (independent political commentator & author).