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Curtailing Capital Flight from Africa

Each year Africa loses more money than it receives through official development aid. A great deal of the money ends up in the rich North, through dark channels. As a result, the poorest continent of the world is ironically the net creditor of the world. Professor Léonce Ndikumana, one of the leading experts on the issue of capital flight and development, examines the mechanisms through which African money is leaving the country and outlines strategies to address the problem- both in the Northern and the Southern hemisphere.

WTO Regional Dialogue: The Multilateral Trading System – Perspectives from Southern Africa

The World Trade Organisation and the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung are jointly organising a regional forum entitled “Challenges of the Multilateral Trading System – Perspectives from Southern Africa” in Cape Town, South Africa on 26-28 October 2015.

FES Geneva and the WTO have jointly organised such forums in various regions of the world for many years. These regional dialogues serve as a critical exchange between the WTO, on the one hand, and civil society representatives and journalists on the other. To achieve this, both a foundation on the work of the WTO and the multilateral world trade system is presented and discussed, as well as regionally appropriate trade-related policy issues and “hot topics”.