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13-16 July | Vuyisile Mini Winter School 2016

The Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER) at Rhodes University, which includes the Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit (NALSU), will host its Vuyisile Mini Winter School 2016 in Grahamstown on 13-16 July 2015.

This winter school, which is named in honour of a hero of the South African labour movement and liberation struggle, will be aimed at trade union office bearers in the Eastern Cape. It will create a space in which all participants can engage critically with social democratic ideas, particularly as those pertain to the linking of social policy and labour market interventions.

18 May | COSATU in Crisis – The fragmentation of an African trade union federation

On May 18, the Neil Aggett Labour Studies Unit,(NALSU) Labour Studies Seminar series, in partnership with the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES) and KMMR , will be launching a book on the crisis within the Congress of South African Trade Unions (COSATU), both edited by Vishwas Satgar.

Daily Dispatch Dialogue on Cosatu and the future of labour politics in South Africa

We were tweeting and streaming live on YouTube from the Daily Dispatch dialogue in East London on 14 March 2016, with Zwelinzima Vavi, Devan Pillay (contributing author) and Sibusiso Ngalwa (Daily Dispatch editor). The event’s discussion was broadly covered in the national news, including the articles in the Daily Dispatch.

Reflecting on the Johannesburg Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation (FOCAC): Where to from here?

The FOCAC Summit held between 3-5 December 2015 coincided with the launching of China’s second Africa policy paper, and became the first time that a FOCAC summit was held on African soil. It came in a watershed year for global development efforts as the year witnessed the Financing for Development meeting in Addis Ababa, the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by the United Nations, the hosting of the Ministerial meeting of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in Nairobi (for the first time in Africa), and the Conference of the Parties (COP21) held in Paris.

Within this broader context, the following policy brief, which arises from a research project between the Institute for Global Dialogue (IGD) and the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), seeks to draw linkages between China’s second Africa policy paper and the declarations of the Johannesburg summit. Thus, it asks what the FOCAC summit managed to achieve, before asking what the way forward is in terms of China-Africa relations. Download the full report here.

14 Mar | COSATU and the Alliance: falling apart at the seams?

COSATU And The Alliance: Falling Apart At The Seams? Join us for this Daily Dispatch dialogue on Monday evening with Zwelinzima Vavi, Sibusiso Ngalwa and Prof Devan Pillay at the Guild Hall Theatre in East London. Follow the dialogue on Twitter or watch a livestream broadcast on YouTube.

3 March | COSATU in Crisis – Where to from here?

Since its formation in 1985, COSATU has been at the forefront of the struggles of workers, and the working class as a whole. Through its alliance with the Mass Democratic Movement and exiled liberation movements, COSATU played a key role in ensuring a rights-based industrial relations system was entrenched in the Constitution.

However, COSATU today is a very different organisation with numerous problems. It remains to be seen how the expulsion of its former general secretary and NUMSA’s will impact on COSATU and, more broadly, the Tripartite Alliance. NUMSA’s intention to establish a workers’ party could prove to be a real game changer. What are the implications of the formation of a workers’ party for COSATU, the Alliance partners, labour and politics in South Africa? Join us for an informative discussion with Irvin Jim (General Secretary of NUMSA), Professor Eddie Webster, Dr Ben Scully and chair Professor Kwandiwe Kondlo.

COSATU on its deathbed?

City Press – ” A new book argues the labour federation faces a crisis of relevance, strength and survival. Its most fatal wounds, the authors suggest, are self-inflicted …

It is this crisis that an authoritative new book, titled Cosatu in Crisis: The Fragmentation of an African Trade Union Federation, grapples with. Edited by academics Vishwas Satgar and Roger Southall, Cosatu in Crisis consists of essays and papers by 13 authorities in the field of unionism. The topics cover everything from the political rupture in the federation to ideological drift and the socioeconomic challenges facing the unions.”

Durban | Cosatu in Crisis: The Fragmentation of an African Trade Union Federation

Cosatu has played a crucial role in championing democratisation, and it has been a critical voice for workers. But today with the current crisis crippling Cosatu, the future of Cosatu is uncertain.

Through the work of leading labour scholars and political analysts, provides an extraordinarily engaged analysis of the underlying causes of the federation’s demise, and provides crucial perspectives on why organised labour is key to understanding the future of alliance politics, industrial relations and democracy.