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23 Feb | Dialogue on the Hate Crimes & Hate Speech Bill

The Southern African Liaison Office (SALO) in Partnership with Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung (FES), the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and Open Society Foundation for South Africa will host a dialogue on the ‘Hate Crimes and Hate Speech Bill’ on Thursday, February 23rd 2017, at the Sunnyside Park Hotel, Parktown, Johannesburg. The dialogue seeks to explore whether the Bill will be effective in addressing some of the systematic hate crimes plaguing South Africa.

Roundtable on ‘whiteness’ under way

Afrikaner identity and whiteness are the subject of discussions on Thursday in Constitution Hill, in Johannesburg, featuring speakers such as former president Kgalema Motlanthe, former president of Black Sash Mary Burton, Solidarity CEO Dirk Hermann and Achille Mbembe of Wits University Institute for Social and Economic Research.

The event, an initiative by Mapungubwe Institute For Strategic Reflection (MISTRA), started at 8.30am on Thursday morning, with an opening speech from Motlanthe, and will end at 5.30pm.

Deputy minister says ‘whites are victims of themselves’

According to deputy minister Andries Nel, racism in South Africa must be attacked, as well as the “unquestioned acceptance of material values underlying racism”.

“For in becoming racialists and exploiters, they become closed off to important areas of human experience,” Nel said at a MISTRA round table on whiteness, Afrikaans and Afrikaners in Johannesburg. “The essential thing white South Africans lose is openness to the future and to other people.”

Whites, Afrikaans, Afrikaners: Addressing Post-Apartheid Legacies, Privileges and Burdens

On the 5th November 2015 MISTRA will convene a roundtable discussion on whiteness titled Whites, Afrikaans, Afrikaners: Addressing Post-Apartheid Legacies, Privileges and Burdens.

This roundtable discussion continues MISTRA’s work on nation formation and social cohesion that culminated in a report released in August 2014 titled Nation Formation and Social Cohesion: An Enquiry into the Hopes and Aspirations of South Africans. The voice of whites was one of the gaps identified in that report, which will be used as a starting point for the roundtable discussion on whiteness.