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Support the call for a meaningful national minimum wage. We believe that the national minimum wage is an important tool in reducing inequality and working poverty, ills that plague our society and prevent a transition away from an apartheid-era existence for many millions in South Africa. A meaningful national minimum wage must cover all workers and provide enough for the basic needs of workers and their dependents to be met. A meaningful national minimum wage must contribute to a decent life for all and enable people to enjoy their right to dignity as guaranteed in the Constitution.

Mzansi’s 100: Disruptor, Khwezi Mabasa

The Young Independents annually profiles inspiring South Africans that are challenging and changing the game, one action at a times. They refer to these inspiring South Africans as Disruptors.

Mr Khwezi Mabasa, Programme Manager at Friedrich Ebert Stiftung – South Africa Office was identified as one of the 100 young South African Disruptors 2016.

SPII Opens Newsroom Discussion on Rising Food Prices

Studies in Poverty and Inequality Institute Senior Researcher Daniel McLaren recently appeared on the SABC Africa News (DSTV Channel 404) programme called Newsroom where he opened a discussion on rising food prices and how they were affecting ordinary South Africans, while unpacking SPII’s findings in the recently released report ‘The Right to Food in South Africa’.

SPII Dissemination Seminar on the Decent Living Level

What constitutes a decent standard of living for people in South Africa? Despite the recognition of the destructive reality of poverty for many millions of people living in South Africa, there is still a lack of national consensus in South Africa on what is meant by the inverse of ‘poverty’, namely ‘sufficiency’. This has particular resonance in an upper middle- income country such as South Africa. The aim of this ongoing project is to derive an understanding of what constitutes a broadly acceptable living level that should be used to reflect a basic living level.