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Towards an African Policy on China

08.12.2017 | International Relations | Publication

From the Outside In: Domestic actors and South Africa’s foreign policy

In this edited volume, the authors assess the position and input of actors beyond the traditional structure of the Presidency and the Department of...

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Solutions to the hunger crisis in South Africa have failed us, particularly those emanating from the market or the government. It is for this reason...

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Tackling wage inequality: International experiences

The National Minimum Wage Research Initiative (NMW-RI) is an independent academic research project run by the Corporate Strategy and Industrial...

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Coal, Water and Mining flowing badly

In South Africa there are numerous instances of failed accountability and regulatory systems, which have implications for the deepening of democracy....

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Fiscal Histories of Sub-Saharan Africa: the Case of Botswana

Fiscal Histories of Sub-Saharan Africa is a Working Papers series produced by the Public Affairs Research Institute (PARI), with the aim of...

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Fiscal Histories of Sub-Saharan Africa: the Case of South Africa

The history of taxation in South Africa was shaped by the complex relations between the native Africans and colonial settlers. Drawing on the...

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Analysis of existing industrial policies and the state of implementation in South Africa

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Promoting dialogue on South Africa’s regional integration role in Southern Africa

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Dispossessing the Dispossessed?

Mining and Rural Struggles in Mokopane, Limpopo

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Dealing with the Tribe

The Politics of the Bapo/Lonmin Royalty-to-Equity Conversion.

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Elections Guide

Electing Councillors - A guide to municipal elections

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One Million Climate Jobs

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Earth, Wind and Fire

Publications from the Digital Library

Haibin, Niu

[BRICS in global governance

a progressive and cooperative force?
Shanghai, 2015

Download publication (600 KB, PDF-File)

Yeni anayasa yolunda

Güney Afrika, Ispanya, Alemanya ve Polonya'dan anayasa yapma deneyimleri ; 15 ekim 2011'de Istanbul Bilgi Üniversitesi'nde düzenlenen konferansın sunum ve tartışmaları

Download publication (660 KB, PDF-File)

Zondi, Siphamandla

South Africa in Southern Africa

a perspective
Maputo, 2012

Download publication (410 KB, PDF-File)

Schmidt, Axel

Alter Wein in neuen Schläuchen?

Der ANC überarbeitet sein Parteiprogramm
Berlin, 2012

Download publication (215 KB, PDF-File)

Haibin, Niu

Los BRICS en la gobernanza global

una fuerza progresista?
Berlin, 2013

Download publication (700 KB, PDF-File)

Haibin, Niu

BRICS in global governance

a progressive force?
Berlin, 2012

Download publication (415 KB, PDF-File)

Serrão, Oliver

South Africa in the UN Security Council 2011 - 2012

Oliver Serrão. - Berlin : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Global Policy and Development, 2011. - 5 S. = 295 KB, PDF-File. - (Perspective
Berlin, 2011

Download publication (295 KB, PDF-File)

African media barometer

the first home-grown analysis of the media landscape in Africa ; South Africa 2010
Windhoek, 2011

Download publication (1,1 MB PDF-File)

Lloyd, Libby

Watchdogs and news hounds

holding the media to account - mechanisms, principles and practices from around the world
Windhoek, 2011

Download publication (225 KB, PDF-File)

Schmidt, Axel

Zuma sorgt für Burgfrieden im ANC

Axel Schmidt. - Berlin : Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung, Internat. Entwicklungszusammenarbeit, Referat Afrika, 2010. - 6 S. = 140 KB, PDF-File. - (Perspektive
Berlin, 2010

Download publication (140 KB, PDF-File)

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