Just and Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation

FES supports its partners (government, civil society and trade unions) to develop and implement social democratic policies for an economy based on sustainability, redistributive justice and decent work. The Just and Sustainable Socio-Economic Transformation programme is divided into the following key focus areas: industrial policy; social policy; trade unions (labour market); and climate & energy. We focus on heterodox political economy and social policy programmes. Some of our recent major policy interventions include: The National Minimum Wage; National Health Insurance; Living Wage; and Reindustrialisation. FES also places emphasis on building political agency and engagement required for building an alternative egalitarian economy. The main instruments used to achieve this objective are: policy advocacy, training and research. FES supports a participatory and democratic approach in all its activities. 

An Empty Pot at the End of the Rainbow? Trade Unions and Twenty Years of Democracy
Occasional Paper Series

An Empty Pot at the End of the Rainbow? Trade Unions and Twenty Years of Democracy

This paper explores the causes of the crisis in South Africa’s trade union movement. It argues that the impasse is multi-layered, and can be attributed to both structural changes in the country’s political economy and... more

Download presentations by Khwezi Mabasa

Mr. Khwezi Mabasa, a programme manager at the FES South African office delivered  presentations under the following themes.

Twenty years of Democracy: an empty pot at the end of the rainbow?
Download the full presentation here

Social compact between trade unions, government, business and civil society is renewed.
Download the full presentation here

Trade Unions and the Socio-Economic Policy in Post-Apartheid SA.
Download the full presentation here

Food Security in Southern Africa: Silent Crisis?
Download the full presentation here

Civil Society and the National Health Insurance in SA.
Download the full presentation here

Revisiting China's Development State: Lessons from Africa.
Download the full presentation here 

Privatisation and the Health Crisis in Post-Apartheid South Africa 
Download the full presentation here   

Building the South African Developmental State: Elusive Pipe Dream?  

Download the full presentation here

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The Global Labour Univeristy (GLU) is proud to announce a short course for Labour Activisits living and working in South Africa.

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Monday, 27.11.17 to Wednesday, 29.11.17 - International Convention Centre, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR). | Socio Economic | Event

Wellbeing Economy Festival

Join us for the ‘Wellbeing Economy Festival’ in Pretoria (South Africa) from 27 to 29 November 2017. An incredible line-up of innovators,...

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Recent Publications

Di Paola, Miriam

Trade unions in transformation

An assessment of NUMSA's attempt to develop its political and organisational independence, 2012-2016
Berlin, 2017

Download publication (280 KB, PDF-File)

Vetten, Lisa

Political representation makes women's voices heard?

Lessons from South Africa
Maputo, 2017

Download publication (340 KB, PDF-File)

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Youth Leadership programme
Youth Project

Youth Leadership programme

The Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung South Africa believes in the power of young people. It invites 20 aspiring and talented students from Eastern Cape Universities (Fort Hare, Rhodes, NMMU) to the 2016 “Fort Hare Autumn School on Social Democracy and Political Economy” – a leadership programme supplementing the formal academic curriculum of university students.

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