The FRELIMO Central Party School and Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) Mozambique annual policy forum

The FRELIMO Central Party School and Friedrich Ebert Foundation (FES) Mozambique held its annual policy forum on “Economic Transformation and Political Crisis: Challenges for Ruling Political Parties in Southern Africa.”

Photo: Civil Society Perspectives from Left: Anne Mayher, International Alliance on Natural Resources in Africa; Paula Kooper, SWAPO Youth Leader, Tina Hennecken Andrade, Resident Director FES Mozambique; Denise Malauene, Fundação de Desenvolvimento da Comunidade; Edward Cottle, Trade Union Activis

The policy forum intends to analyse the roots of the current social-economic crisis and expressions of political discontent in the region as well as their impacts on democracy and political parties. Beyond the academic discussion, the forum facilitates a political dialogue on common challenges of democratic governance, citizens ‘dialogue and inclusive development in Southern Africa.

The principal objective is to share experiences among party representatives and selected specialists from Southern African countries and thus to contribute to democratic policy development in the region.

Liberation parties visited the Matola Memorial that honours the fallen heroes of the Matola raid and pays homage to the sacrifices and contributions made by the Mozambicans towards a free, non-racial and democratic South Africa. In the photo OR Tambo, former ANC President and Samora Mashel, first President of Mozambique are depicted. 

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